[…]. The Rickenbacker 4000 series of bass guitars are the most well-known of the brand. However, I went with a Yamaha TRBX304 instead because at the time it was only $50 more since guitar center was having a sale on the TRBX and it was well worth the extra $50 bucks. The company is owned by Fender and most of Squier’s bass guitars are lower-cost versions of Fender basses. Yamaha RBX170 Bass Guitar: Condition: Used “ good used condition ” Ended: 05 ... Ibanez GIO Series GSR200 Electric Bass Guitar, 4 String, Transparent Red. Please let others know, cheers... Get Our Deals Newsletter!Huge discounts on guitar gear. These are are all models you would typically find in a big box store which has some pros & cons.

They are high-quality instruments that are friendly on your budget. I tried both the GRS200 & the RBX170.

You will have to move up to be productive anyway, and having a cheap POS to learn on makes learning a more frustrating experience. Very low cost. & sound with thin neck & bass boost option. necks are way o thin, thinner than the geddy i played. Classic Jazz Bass tones with a more modern, higher output bridge pickup. You can pick up a Fender (P or J) bass (MIM mind you) for ~$200. These… Read More. This doesn't belong here per se, but it's sort of a review... My first bass was a Yamaha RBX 170. i found that yamaha strings are closer so it can cause problems while slaping is it true for a beginner?

However, “it’s a Fender.” If Squier puts you off and you want Fender-branded without breaking the bank and have it be something that’s a good beginner bass, Fender’s MP Jag with its P/J pickup layout is a good choice. Find which one … My first and only bass is a 4 string schecter. During that first 30 days, do not modify the instrument in any way just in case you want to return it. Pickups are Yamaha brand also, a P style and J style. i can't go above this price . I’d recommend finding someone who is already a player and have them help you find a solid used bass. This is yet another reason to buy new. Press J to jump to the feed. Warwick bass guitars have been the masters of Rock n Roll since the 1980s.

Lopp. Let us know by writing a comment or two. At larger guitar stores, some instruments arrive where the paint has been scuffed or chipped, so it is discounted as a “blemished” or just “blem” for short. so what are your opinions .

Turn up the treble and you get that nice P bass style ring. Whatever your budget, there’s a Gibson bass guitar for you. yamaha trbx174 and ibanez gsr200 what would you recommend to a beginner. If you're a beginner, the Ibanez is a nice alternative to the Yamaha RBX170 for those who want a slimmer and shorter scale neck (22 vs 24 frets) but with a similarly modern design. If you are comfortable taking apart basses, you can add a lot to these bass guitars. Yamaha RBX170. i will be saving money for my first bass [ may be it can take 8-9 months of saving :( ]. However, there are a lot of other bass guitar brands that just make bass guitars. Users also agree the GSR is built like a tank and a very reliable gigger. Founded in Germany in 1982, Warwick has been pumping out quality bass guitars worthy of any best bass guitar list. You do not “inherit” someone else’s problem when you buy new. and tone but also versatile for modern styles. A brilliant instrument with 2 band active eq. The RBX170 surprisingly has some good hardware in it (you’ll particularly appreciate the tuners and control knobs), and a good “punchy” tone with its P/J pickup layout. The Memphis resembles the Traditional ES-335 bass guitar body and is built with a 1961-style maple center block.

Many of the beginner Squier bass guitar packs contain everything you need to get started. If you buy used you can get a much better bang for your buck – a much nicer guitar and you’ll probably pay less for it than a new guitar of lower quality. A blem is still a brand new bass guitar with the same return policy and the same warranty, just with a scuff or two in the paint. RBX170 Lowest Priced 4-String Bass. Rickenbacker bass guitars have found their way to the forefront of rock music, although they have managed to stay under the radar when compared with the likes of Fender and Gibson.

There are some bass companies below which have been around for centuries and some that are new. A new beginner bass is not the best way to go. If you want the least likelihood of having an enjoyable, growing and developing experience, get a beginner bass. I try to find out how much my students can spend, then accompany them to the music store to make sure what they buy doesn’t have any problems. The volume and tone knobs provide a dynamic and responsive array of tonal options rather than simply being flat and on/off as with many cheaper passives. I would recommend the Yamaha over the Ibanez, seriously consider the 304 though instead of the 174, it's not much more money if they're still on sale and the quality is excellent.