Il a également tendance à être très sarcastique et prends souvent les choses au premier degré. [12][17] Related to this is his mission is to obtain a powerful card known as the Numeron Code that can shape worlds,[18] with the intent of destroying the Barian World.[19]. [76] When Vetrix told them that the "Numbers" could destroy the world, Astral questioned Yuma about it.

In the ZEXAL wielders and Nash's final Duel against Don Thousand, all three forms were utilized in chronological order.

Following Mizar's death, Don Thousand shown himself before Astral and the group in his new form, promising to take their souls and obtain their power to become a true God.

However, Ray ended up joining them after all, which worried Astral as he saw Ray as a terrible Duelist. Astral and Yuma in a Duel against Mr. Kay. However, Don Thousand sends "Silent Honor DARK" to the Graveyard to prevent "Numeronius" from being destroyed, and then using its ability to take control of Yuma and Nash's monsters. They performed a "Shining Evolution", changing "Limited Barian's Force" into "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force", which evolved "Utopia" into "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory" and defeated Vector. However, Yuma says he can't - "kattobingu" is made up of both of them and that they will advance together forever.

[5] In this form, Astral had sole control of Yuma's body, effectively banishing Yuma to another plane of existence. [2], Dark ZEXAL allows Astral the ability to perform a Dark Draw therefore creating a "DZW -" monster that can be equipped to "Number C39: Utopia Ray V". Duel Carnival!

Astral can recover his memories by recovering all 100 "Numbers". Astral summoned "Number C39: Utopia Ray", but Number 96 used "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to upgrade "Number 96: Dark Mist" to "Number C96: Dark Storm and used its abilities to force the match into a draw. Astral sees a vision of Hart and told Yuma that Hart is a floor above them, and they decided to go see him. ", "Soccer is a thinking man's game, you should stick to sleeping.

While originally he only retained one of the "Numbers", he knew that when two or more "Numbers" confront in a Duel, they will fight each other to consume one another, allowing Astral to absorb defeated "Numbers" and regain pieces of his memories. Various pieces of information about Yuma's world, "When asked to do something, humans behave erratically. However, Astral told Yuma that he was proud of him and that he's a true friend, and will not forgive anyone who hurts him. Yuma talked to him about ZEXAL, Yuma then runs through the door, of the edge of a dark cliff, and becomes cloaked in the red light that also appears during an Xyz Summon. An example is when how he used Mr. Kay's desire to win a perfect Duel to set up a situation that used his own desire against him. In the dub, this observation came with a "sub-observation" that he labelled #13-A.

When Vector appeared before them, Astral was shocked to find all what happened to the other Barians as Vector adsorbed Girag's, Alito's, and Ponta's souls.

Since ZEXAL II's appearance causes "Sargasso" to self-destruct, Astral and the others returned to Heartland. [1], The "Numbers" are Astral's memories and his source of finding out why he has been sent to Earth to be with Yuma. Vector triggered a trap that caused the ruins' destruction and fled with Number 96. Akari believes that for Yuma, Dueling is more than just a game, and that it can't be helped. Astral est un être de l'AstraWorld, compagnon puis ami de Yuma Tsukumo.Il est également le second personnage pincipal de la série animée Yu-Gi-Oh!ZEXAL.Il fût envoyé dans le monde des humains par Eliphas afin de détruire le Monde Barian pour le faire évoluer.Cependant, après que Kazuma Tsukumo ait modifié son programme, il fût envoyé à Yuma Tsukumo à la place. [132] When Vector goes berserk with his power, Astral was surprised when Don Thousand appeared before them to absorbed Vector. This makes Yuma and his friends fall in the water under them, which allow them to escape.
Astral World (アストラル 世 (せ) 界 (かい) Asutoraru Sekai) is the dimension where Astral was born and a location in Yu-Gi-Oh! [35], While Astral manages to fight back with "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and reduce Kite's life to 1300, Kite takes the upper hand again and reduces Astral's life to 400. However, Astral can be seen through photographs, although he only appears as a light blue haze.

Dark ZEXAL Nationality Astral (species) (in soul; Astral), Human (in body; Yuma) Gender male First Appearance Yu-Gi-Oh!

After gaining "Number 83: Galaxy Queen", Astral remembers his birth, and that he may have had a mother and also he was given the mission to protect his world, possibly meaning he was created solely for this task. After the Duel, Yuma offers Tokunosuke "Baby Tragon" back, but Tokunosuke lets it to Yuma, and they become friends.[7]. Astral thinks he is referring to Mr. Heartland and solidified his theory of the carnival being used to hunt "Numbers". Names In agreement, Astral materialized the Different Dimension Airship for him and Yuma to journey to the Barian World, with Tori accompanying the duo.

Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. However, Yami Yugi is more about pride while losing for Astral in a Number Duel would cause his death. Can Yuma defeat Trey without Astral’s assistance, or will Trey triumph, leaving Yuma one Heart Piece short of making it to the finals? Yuma managed to survive and save "Utopic Future" through its effects. To set Yuma and his friends free, Astral agreed and quickly summons "Utopia" on his turn. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. [8], When Kite manages to go inside the Emperor's Key, he finds Astral, who is visible to Kite inside the key. Astral along with the captured "Numbers". Astral uses them alongside cards like "Ritual Refinement" and "Parallel Material" in order to massively swarm "Numbers" on his field. Yuma then went to bed, while she kept working on the news.

38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy, ", "It seems that Yuma is totally and utterly incapable of understanding the females of his species. Yuma explains to Astral that he has thought to himself for a long time about what Dueling means to him. [109] Unwilling to hurt Yuma, Astral tried to solidify his defenses and work around Number 96's traps. It grants its wielder the ability to use the Dark Draw to create "DZW -" monsters. Community content is available under. Then, during the next day, Yuma Duels Tokunosuke at school. During Yuma and Astral's second rematch with Vector, the latter was able to manipulate the darkness inside Astral and stop their initial ZEXAL Morph. Instead, Astral continually ordered "Utopia Ray V" to attack "Number 104: Masquerade". ), Barian Sphere Cube (Varian's Sphere Cube), Couples Duel tournament (Couple Duel Tournament), Friendship Games (Sports Duel Tournament), Barian Cosmic Crime Unit (Varian's Guardian), Comic Book Appreciation Club (Manga Research Club), Super Secret Number Card Investigation (Numbers Club), Seven Barian Emperors (Seven Varian Emperors), He shared a touching reunion with Yuma and embraced him with a heartfelt smile.

During their duels, Astral often says "The winning formula is complete" whenever he and Yuma are ready to make their comeback. ZEXAL anime1 which allows a Duelist to draw any card they wish, to the point of sometimes creating a new card during a Duel.2 More often than not, the "ZW -" monsters are the result of this draw. [2] Astral characterizes ZEXAL as a miraculous power that once protected the Astral World,[1] but The Door describes as the ability that can "turn darkness into light".
Astral obtained most of these Chaos Forms after their final rematch with Nash, giving him a total of 18 Chaos Numbers, including the three alternate Utopia Number C forms.


At the end of the Duel, Astral witnessed Kite defeat Mizar, but became too weak to move. Astral has also determined that the "Numbers" amplify the emotions that their vessel already had, malicious or not.

He uses several Stall and Special Summoning cards to hold his opponent while he gathers materials for Xyz Summons. He was sent to the Human World by Eliphas to destroy the Barian World in order to Rank-Up their world, but after Kazuma Tsukumo modified his programming, he was sent to Yuma instead. Astral declares he will destroy Barian World.