Remarking that he was the only one amongst his group to not possess a kekkei genkai, Zabuza stormed the recently grounded opposition but was intercepted by Kakashi, whom he never expected to confront again. While he was harsh to Haku during training, he also let Haku enjoy the things he never got to enjoy when he was homeless, such as animals, scenery, dreams, and, most importantly to Haku, a sense of purpose. Vicious in battle, his talent for combat was seen even as a child, who had yet to begin in the Academy, as he killed over one hundred trained students single-handedly. He was most renowned throughout all countries for his high skill in killing opponents through zero visibility. A week later, Zabuza and Haku appeared before Team 7 for a rematch. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Zabuza could also use fūma shuriken in a similar fashion; using them in melee combat by spinning the weapon within his hand to attack his opponent.[13]. However, he seems reluctant to speak or hear about it, telling whoever does so to shut up. Zabuza Momochi (桃地再不斬, Momochi Zabuza), given the moniker Demon of the Hidden Mist (霧隠れの鬼人, Kirigakure no Kijin), was a missing-nin from Kirigakure's Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. In the anime, he and Haku witnessed the Kaguya clan attacking Kirigakure yet chose not to help his village. Zabuza was also a skilled teacher, as it was under his tutelage that Haku managed to become such a powerful shinobi despite his young age. Kakashi noted that his Silent Killing prowess was second to none. When the hell was it stated that Zabuza made Haku crossdress? To be perfectly honest. Orphaned and shunned by everyone for fear of his powers, Haku would eventually be picked up by Zabuza, who found potential in his powers rather than a source of fear. However, he seems reluctant to speak or hear about it, telling whoever does so to shut up. This irritated him further, since not only were they brought back, but they were also made impossible to kill. also who makes who become what? As a former high-ranking ninja of Kiri, Zabuza was a very powerful fighter. While donning this attire, much like his fellow Swordsmen, he had bandages loosely tied around his neck like a scarf. [18][19] During his and Kakashi's exchange following Zabuza's reincarnation, Kakashi admits that it was because of him and Haku that Naruto strove to become the ninja and hero that he is. Zabuza could also take a direct hit from a powerful water technique seemingly without major damage and still move relatively normal shortly afterwards.[10].

And Kishimoto has mentioned before that some of his hiatuses from doing the manga was specifically for research, so I'm sure there's a bunch of historical or cultural references throughout Naruto most people wouldn't notice. Although Zabuza's life had been saved, he needed a week to recover, and he planned to kill Tazuna and Kakashi then.

Even while severely injured, Zabuza fights on with a single kunai in his mouth. Soon after the battle began, Zabuza managed to catch Kakashi off guard, and trapped him with his Water Prison Technique.

Toxic relationships are about power dynamics, being in control, belittling and making someone feel lesser, which... we never really see Zabuza do to Haku. Mewshuji || Captain of the SS KenKasu; Sengoku BASARA and general Sengoku era nut, Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul. how do you get the reverse sexy harem jutsu in naruto ninja storm 4? Zabuza was also knowledgeable in foreign techniques and kekkei genkai, having knowledge of the Sharingan and instantly recognising the Shadow Clone Technique. During the Fourth Mizukage's reign over the Bloody Mist, Zabuza came to disagree with the workings of the village. The generation of swordsmen he belonged to was noted as the strongest ever produced within Kirigakure, a further testament to Zabuza's impressive skills.

1.) Zabuza was very physically strong, able to effortlessly wield the large Kubikiribōchō for long periods of time unfazed, even with one hand. Greeting Sakura and noting her growth since they last met, Zabuza inquired about Naruto, learning from Kakashi how famous he had become since his death. So no, their relationship isn't healthy by any standard, but it's not toxic.

The weapon's weight didn't seem to slow Zabuza down at all, as he could employ it in combat for extended periods of time with no visible strain on himself, something Suigetsu Hōzuki hasn't achieved.