Like I said before, it's not just one story, but a bunch of them with no dialogue except from our host, Deems Taylor and a scene with Mickey Mouse and our conductor, Leopold Stokowski.

We see Mickey learning under a sorcerer named Yen Sid (, ) as well as doing a few chores for him.

I should also bring up the fact that this is usually censored in almost all prints available. The third movement is livelier. One day, the master leaves his hat, leaving our mouse to make some mischief by turning a broom alive to do the work for him. Better black magic than an admission of racist stereotyping. I wanted to see this because it features, if ever-so-briefly, two glorious zebra centaurettes who weren't erased from the final cut. There's no good vs. evil, there's no heroes or villains. Sunflower, who was half-donkey rather than half-horse, was edited out so thoroughly that she no longer appears in the DVD version of the movie at all, and even looks to have been photoshopped out of one scene. I liked them and wished that they were not servants. Having a sort of little black Sambo-ette/servant figure in the movie is inappropriate, but why is it OK to get rid of her completely? He seems like a cool guy, .

Every time I watch it I see something new.

I never saw the Fantasia segment, but I do believe that Sunflower and Otika might've make nice characters. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. A lot of animation/ Disney fans know that in the old Disney Fantasia segment "Pastoral Symphony" there were three black donkey centaur girls fixing the hair of the pretty centaurs. We get our introduction from Deems Taylor about how the film is going to be.

On top of that, the animation on the soundtrack, like the rest of the film, is beautiful. It combines all the darkest and most evil things on earth (, ) with all the goodness in the world prevailing over it. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. First, I agree that they're cute. Some are easy to emotionally identify with, others not so much. The problem is they were ment to be servants to the obviously Caucasian centaurs and not ment to be as beautiful and graceful but as comedic ridicouls slaves put there for laughs. I'm with you. This scene has a lot of nature themes in it, the biggest idea being that fairies control morning dew and even help with the changing of seasons.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. It's really the first Disney film mainly for adults, but there are things that kids can enjoy about it. a) Two zebra like Nubian centaurs were forced to have flower bras painted over their bare breasts due to pressure from the Hays office. So, I'd say don't skip it. So for their third feature. He states that there are three kinds of music: First, there's the kind that tells a definite story. Unfortunately, this film didn't make the money it needed back when it was first released (, Disneyear: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), "WILL YOU WEAR A MASK?

I don't know what the rationale is here. Were these exotic creatures serving Bacchus out of love, or because they were earning a salary? It's not one story, but seven pieced together with classical music. Besides, the efforts to edit her out are really obvious and a little distracting. "But what about the children?" For a while now, the Disney movies had simple, yet coherent stories to them. I like your depiction of them--much less offensive. The love really shows here and in the other segments.

Fantasia, and they havn't been seen since.

It's Disney's magnum opus. Obviously, this is the most kid-geared section of the music, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't entertaining. Second, I believe that it's for the best that they were taken out, because if blacks had seen that meek and disgusting representation of their supposed inferiority (and I'm trying to sound as non-racist as possible here), They probably would have gotten pretty miffed. Different parts of the ballet represent different parts of the day both visually and audibly. The little black centaurette/donkey/possible slave who unrolled the red carpet for Bacchus/Dionysis and the gang was a character called. Emotionally, I'm never sure how to feel when watching this. This is utterly false. Disney claims their release of the Fantasia DVD is the original uncut theatrical version. ... where they're shown as beautiful like the other centaurs and even receive a unique design with the zebra half. And I always find stuff like that fascinating. Besides, the efforts to edit her out are really obvious and a little distracting. , and end with summer turning into autumn and winter. I think they should have just made them prettier instead of stereotyped caricatures; I actually thought they were sweet. It's bad that they were donkeys and servants. The centaur scene was my favorite in the entire movie and gave me a love for them.

But Otika, her two-second film appearance now more rarefied than the unicorn or even the centaur, can take comfort in the fact that she is not the only actress whose performance has ended up on the cutting room floor. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more.

I have seen a version with this character in it from YouTube (, ) and can tell you that while it's not the most racist thing I've ever seen (. Of course, maybe the appeal of this work has a lot to do with the rarity of its concept. The world through a pair of sepia glasses. The choreography of the dancing is good, too. any of you white mutha suckas say a damn thing about this not being racist and i will slap the shit out of you personally. After that, we take a break and see the orchestra take a jazz break and watch a segment with an animated soundtrack. 200 Comments.

Fun fact: this short is actually how the film came about. Within ten seconds or so, both of them have quickly moved out of the frame. The dinosaurs are there, then they're gone. sounds like an odd way to end your movie, but they contradict each other so perfectly that it's downright beautiful. So, let's get started! Remember what I said about Snow White and Pinocchio working due to emotional simplicity?

I think their so cute! Out of all the segments in the film, this one is probably the funniest.

And I'm all for that. D: I never knew that!